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Need some help while shopping? Just drop a mail to shop@szigetcity.com


Sziget City is offering products via its own sales platform and (mainly in the case of accommodations) also links to booking platforms operated by official partners. General webshop helpdesk for external booking platforms is provided directly by the external operators (hotels and hostels). If you have any questions, problems (or trouble reaching the external operators), you can simply turn to us directly at shop@szigetcity.com.


How to buy your tickets online


In the course of the technical steps written in the below Sections 1-5 you enter into a binding agreement with Festival Travel International Kft. which shall become effective by agreeing to our General Terms and Conditions and completing the payment transaction..

The agreement to be concluded shall not be considered as an agreement put down in writing; it shall not be registered by Festival Travel International Kft.; and the agreement itself shall not be available subsequently. The language of the agreement is English.

Select your product

  • Click the “Add to basket” button next to the product you would like to purchase
  • Select the quantity
  • If you don’t want to buy other products click the “Add to basket and Checkout” button
  • If you would like to buy other products click the “Add to basket” button and continue shopping

By clicking the “Checkout” button on the top of the page you can immediately start the checkout process.


Step 1 – Check your basket

  • You check your previously selected products once more and make sure you have everything you need
  • On the bottom of the page you can find some useful tips about related products and you can add them to your basket immediately
  • If everything is okay you can proceed by clicking the “Get these items” button


Step 2 – Enter your data

E-mail address: Your e-mail address. It is important for this to be a real e-mail address because this is where we will send your ticket and receipt.

Your name: Your name 🙂

Country:Your country

Postal code:Your postal code

City:Your city

Address: Your exact address (street, street number etc.)

Phone number: Your cell phone number.

Date of birth:Your date of birth in the following format: e.g. 1983-02-16

Invoice data:

The system handles your data as your invoicing data by default. If your invoicing data is different from the above entered please check the box next to “I need an invoice with a different address”.

If you need the invoice issued to the name of another person select “Person” at the “Invoice for:” field. In case you need the invoice issued to a company select “Company”. If you have selected “Person” you don’t have to fill out the fields “VAT Number”, “EU VAT number” and “Bank account No.”! If you have selected “Company” please fill out all the fields.

I authorize Festival Travel International Kft. to use the provided data for marketing communication purposes. You can find our Privacy Policy here. Not a mandatory field. By checking the box your e-mail address will be added to our newsletter database so we can inform you about any info regarding the services.


Step 3 – Confirm your data

You can check the content of you basket once more as well as your customer and billing information. After that please select a payment type.

Before purchasing your ticket, please read our General Terms and Conditions carefully and if you agree to them please check the box. By checking the box you agree to our General Contract Terms and Conditions. You can only continue the purchasing process after agreeing to the GCTC.

Please note there might be more GCTCs you need to accept, in case you are buying special services besides the festival tickets (like parking place, insurance, etc).


Step 4 – Pay via a secure payment gateway

On the platform of OTP Bank/Simple Pay you will have to enter your bank card information.

Card number: The 13-19 digit number printed on the front of your card.

Expiration date: The date printed on the front of your card in mm/dd format

Card Security Code: the last three digits printed on the signature strip on the back of the card {CVV2 or CVC2}. If there is no such code on your card leave this field blank.

You can pay with the following card types:

  • MasterCard (embossed)
  • Visa (embossed)
  • American Express (embossed, issued by OTP)
  • Electron (not embossed): in the case of these cards the bank issuing them determines whether the card is suited for online shopping. In case your bank has permitted the use of the card for online shopping you can pay with this card type. Please contact your bank for further information.
  • All cards issued by OTP Bank can be used.
  • Maestro (Maestro cards issued by any bank can be used on the platform of OTP Bank in case the bank issuing them supports the use of them for e-commerce transactions. Please contact your bank for further information.)

You can download all info about OTP shopping help here.


Step 5 – Ticket sending via e-mail, exchanging

After the confirmation from OTP Bank you will receive 1 e-mail to the address you have entered.

  • „Subject of e-mail”: Webshop E-mail Confirmation – This e-mail will contain your electronic invoice and the download links to your tickets in PDF and PKPASS format

You have two options to bring your ticket:

A. Print at home: (you will need a printer for this):

Please click the pdf link in your e-mail, open the file and print it. If you have purchased multiple tickets you will be able to open them on different links. To open them you will need Adobe Reader, you can download it from here.

You need to bring the printed ticket with you to the event.

B. Digital ticket (you will need a smart phone with Android or iOS and Google Wallet (for Android) or Wallet / Pass Book (for iOS) applications installed):

Download the .pkpass file you got in your e-mail to the application on your smart phone. Bring your smart phone with you to the event. You will need to show your ticket to the program operators from the application. (If choosing this option you don’t have to print your ticket and bring it with you)



In case you need any assistance, or experience any problems, please read the following section before contacting us. Most of the issues can be solved this way.

Didn’t get any email! Where are my tickets?

It can take a maximum of 24 hours for the link to arrive, in case it did not happen, please try with the following steps:

  1. Check your SPAM folder in your mailbox and if you use a Gmail account, make sure you have checked the ‘Updates’ label.
  2. Your activation link arrives from the following email address:shop@szigetcity.com
  3. You might have mistyped your email address… If you think this is the case, please write an email to the following address:shop@szigetcity.com

Why isn’t the webshop page appearing / working properly?

Please check the list below to make sure you use a browser which is supported by our webshop:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox: 25 and above
  • Chrome: 31 and above
  • Safari: 6 and above

My payment was declined. What’s the problem?

In case the online purchase was declined first make sure that your card is supported for online transactions or online purchase is not prohibited by the card provider. The payment cannot go through if the card is prohibited to use or if it is not valid.

You can also try the following steps:

  1. Please retry the payment process and double-check the data you have entered! Typos can happen.
  2. Alternatively you can try selecting a different payment method.
  3. In case your account does not have the sufficient amount for the transaction or there is a purchase limit, the transaction will be declined. In this case you should consult with your bank card provider. They will need the following data (you can find them in the error message):
  • transaction ID number
  • 3-digit error code.

What if I can’t go? Can I give my ticket to someone else?

Sziget City ticket sales operate with a strict no-refund policy. Tickets are personalized, so you need official permission from the buyer to enable someone else using the ticket.

Ticket helpdesk:

By e-mail: shop@szigetcity.com


Online bank card transaction information

During the ordering you will be directed to a secure online payment gateway, which is maintained by OTP Bank, the biggest commercial bank in Hungary. You can find detailed information about the Online bank card transaction here.

You can use one of the following bank card types for the transaction: